PROJECT CLOSED: DeAngelis Master Plan

Worksite Location
CCE Ontario
Project Dates
Summer 2020- flexible start and end dates
Field Mentors/Supervisors
Tim Davis, Ontario County
Project Summary and Intended Outcomes

CCE Ontario owns and operates 4-H Camp Bristol Hills, which has 123 acres. 80 of these acres were obtained through a gift from a neighbor that are primarily undeveloped. The property currently contains a one acre leach field, two barns, and an archery range. We are interested in developing a master plan on how best to use the property to enhance the educational programs offered by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ontario County.

Roles and Responsibilities

1) Survey CCE staff to determine educational opportunities 2) Develop a site plan that provides CCE a basis for future planning (priority setting, funding, site preparation) 3) Provide guidance on how our association can implement a master plan

Qualifications and Previous Coursework
Benefits and Skills

1) Interviewing staff and community partners 2) The ability to move a general idea into a framework that will advance an organizations goals 3) Summarizing and presenting findings in both oral and written formats in both individual, small group (3-10 people), and large group (10+ people) settings 4) Developing a master plan that contains a timeline on next possible steps and possible Cornell University resources