Assessing the understanding and educating beachgoers on Long Island about rip currents

Worksite Location
New York Sea Grant; Stony Brook University, Suffolk County
Project Dates
June 1 - August 3
Field Mentors/Supervisors
Kathleen Fallon (New York Sea Grant)
Project Summary and Intended Outcomes

Rip currents are considered to be the deadliest hazard to users at ocean beaches. Although many beachgoers have heard the term rip current, not many understand the physical processes occurring and how to escape the grip and return safely to shore. The goal of this project would be to gain an understanding of beachgoers' knowledge of rip currents on New York's ocean beaches, educate stakeholders about the dangers, and provide safety information. This project will utilize survey materials, educational materials, and virtual reality simulations.

Roles and Responsibilities

This project can have multiple intern roles depending on the quantity of interns and the intern's academic interests. Roles can include developing a survey tool, distributing the survey tool, and analyzing the survey data; developing educational/outreach material; working to improve the rip current simulation; organizing a workshop(s) for professionals and the public.

Qualifications and Previous Coursework
Benefits and Skills

Students will gain an understanding of coastal processes, survey skills (e.g., development, administration, analysis), virtual reality skills, and outreach experience.