PROJECT CLOSED: Evaluation and Enhancement of farm and farm market engagement in Chemung County

Worksite Location
CCE Chemung County
Project Dates
Summer 2020- flexible start and end dates
Faculty Sponsor
Todd Schmit, Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management
Other Campus-Based Mentors/Supervisors
Jeffery Perry
Field Mentors/Supervisors
Elain Noble, 4-H Program Coordinator and Shona Ort Agriulture Resource Educator for Chemung County
Project Summary and Intended Outcomes

CCE Chemung is involved in area farm market managing, promotion and by providing EBT support. Over the past years the markets have seen a decrease in overall participation on both sides of the table. Staff, with the assistance of this intern, will be working to assess the health of the farm market system by developing methods for meaningful evaluation and platforms for participant feedback. CCE would like to reach out to market managers, agriculture businesses and organizations to create collaborative effort in agriculture marketing in Chemung County. Through this effort, CCE hopes to determine the barriers preventing farmer engagement, strengthen networks and develop best practices in reaching consumers. 4-H in Chemung County has seen the same stagnant participation in buyers at the 4-H Livestock Sale. 4-H is interested in developing auction best practices, to improve education for potential buyers and increase marketing for overall sale improvement.

Through the work done in this internship CCE Chemung hopes to 1) asses the overall health of farm market and agriculture purchasing opportunities in Chemung County and 2) develop best practices that bring local community buyers to agriculture purchasing opportunities.

Roles and Responsibilities

The CCE-CALS intern on this project will collaborate with CCE staff and volunteers to research and develop best practices in marketing agriculture in our community. He or she will assist in the development of farm market evaluations, collaborate with agriculture market participants to create a feedback forum and assist in creating positive change for agriculture markets across the county. Additionally, the intern will assist 4-H staff in 4-H Livestock Sale promotion through the development of marketing material, educational material and networking with potential buyers.

Additional responsibilities may include writing small grants to fund these internship-associated events, managing volunteers, attending farm markets, planning and presenting in 4-H Livestock Sale clinics.

Qualifications and Previous Coursework

The student should demonstrate a basic understanding of the agriculture industry, farm marketing, and some basic evaluation skills. Be comfortable speaking with community members, working with youth, and working independently. Student should be comfortable with speaking and presenting.

Benefits and Skills

By the end of the internship, this student will have gained experience and proficiency in:

● Research of best practices

● Program Evaluation

● Development of best practices

● Marketing

● Program planning and implementation

● Event coordination

● Networking

● Volunteer management

● Small grant writing and fundraising

● Workshop planning and presentation