The Cornell Family Reconciliation Project

Worksite Location
Jefferson, CUCE-NYC, Orange, and Tompkins
Project Dates
June 1, 2020 - August 15, 2020
Faculty Sponsor
Karl Pillemer, Department of Human Development
Other Campus-Based Mentors/Supervisors
Marie Tillemal Cope. Leslie Schultz
Field Mentors/Supervisors
Stephanie Graf, Jacqueline Davis-Manigaulte, Julika von Stackelbeft, Anna Steinkraus
Project Summary and Intended Outcomes

The intern will work with the Cornell Family Reconciliation Project. This outreach program is developing and testing ways to help families overcome estrangement. We will work with the Cooperative Extension system to conduct applied research and develop interventions around family estrangement, building around other CE program experience around stressful family relationships. The project will create evidence-based programs for overcoming estrangement, which in turn is likely to reduce the suffering of affected relatives and contribute to building stronger families in NYS and nationwide.

Roles and Responsibilities

The intern will assist with gathering various kinds of information in several counties. S/he will conduct interviews with CCE educators to generate ideas for programming around the issue of estrangement and reconciliation in families and summarize the data. S/he will also develop a database of relevant current extension programming. S/he will be involved in organizing and analyzing data from focus groups on the topic.

Qualifications and Previous Coursework

Some coursework in psychology, human development, sociology, or communications would be helpful, but not necessary. Ability to conduct interviews in-person or by telephone is necessary, as are good writing and library skills.

Benefits and Skills

1. Gain knowledge about intervention programs for families.

2. Learn about the development and evaluation of evidence-based programs.

3. Develop understanding of the topic of estrangement in families and the process of reconciliation.

4. Learn research skills and methods (e.g., interviewing).