Exploring Marketing and an Online Presence for Parenting Education

Worksite Location
Jefferson County
Project Dates
June - August 2020
Faculty Sponsor
Kim Kopko, Department of Policy Analysis and Management
Other Campus-Based Mentors/Supervisors
Julia Chapman
Field Mentors/Supervisors
Amanda Root
Project Summary and Intended Outcomes

This project will dermine best practices in marketing and online education for parenting education. As a result of this project, CCE Jefferson County parenting educators will understand current trends in marketing and online education for parents, as well as how to implement these recommendations. Outputs will include a marketing plan, marketing material samples, and best practice recommendations for online education.

Roles and Responsibilities

The student intern will research best practices in marketing for parenting education, develop a marketing plan (including recommended language to avoid potential stigma), and develop marketing materials including facebook/social media posts, website content, flyers, and/or brochures. In addition, the student intern will research current material available to families related to parenting education and provide recommendations as to where CCE could fill gaps.

Qualifications and Previous Coursework

The student is expected to be highly motivated, possess strong verbal and written communication skills and be able to work independently with minimal direct supervision. He/she must appreciate, understand, and adhere to strict confidentiality protocols. Knowledge of parenting education and marketing practices is necessary.

Benefits and Skills

• Evaluate the effectiveness of current marketing tools

• Analyze results and make recommendations to improve marketing materials

• Demonstrate written communication skills by creating and improving marketing content

• Identify appropriate online parenting resources for use in the CCE System

• Understand the connection between academic research, curricula development, and implementation and utilization in the field - especially as used for online education and/or marketing