Enhancing Children’s Play and Parent’s Knowledge in Suffolk County - PROJECT FILLED

Worksite Location
CCE Suffolk County
Project Dates
Late June/Early July to August
Faculty Sponsor
Marianella Casasola, Department of Human Development
Field Mentors/Supervisors
Marianella Casasola
Project Summary and Intended Outcomes

Our aim is to share an intern with our 4-H/Youth Development staff, who are based on a 272-acre working farm.  This intern will have a two-fold assignment: the first is to create play props and further develop existing areas of the farm’s outdoor explore classroom to appropriately enhance children’s play.  The second is to develop a tool or materials to educate parents about play, specifically explaining what skills their children are learning by playing in each of the different areas of the outdoor explore classroom and more generally about the importance of play for young children and how parents can foster learning through play at home.

Roles and Responsibilities

The intern will work closely with the 4-H/Youth Development staff to research age appropriate and inexpensive play props that can be added to the outdoor explore classroom to enhance play.  Often times these props will be built/created by the intern.  It will be important to stay within the appropriated budget for these items.  Additionally, the intern will work closely with the Human Development staff to determine the information parents need about play and to create/develop either material or a tool, such as an app, to deliver the information to parents.

Qualifications and Previous Coursework

The intern for this project would need a solid background in child development (birth-8) with a strong knowledge of children’s play.  It would also be helpful if the intern is creative and handy as well as knowledgeable about social media/app development.  

Benefits and Skills

The intern will:

  • Gain knowledge of outdoor explore classrooms, child development, play and parent education.
  • Research and create play materials.
  • Create educational tools and materials for parent education.  
  • Have hands on experience in both youth development work and parenting education.