4-H STEM/Library Partnership - Best Practices for Engaging Youth - PROJECT FILLED

Worksite Location
CCE Ontario County
Project Dates
June 5 - August 11
Faculty Sponsor
Susan B. Hoskins, Soil and Crops Sciences
Field Mentors/Supervisors
Timothy Davis, Executive Director, CCE Ontario
Project Summary and Intended Outcomes

1. Our CALS-CCE intern will work with CCE Ontario education staff and Pioneer Library System staff http://pls-net.org/ to develop, deliver and assess 4-H STEM curriculum for public library audiences. The intern, working with youth development professionals, will mentor 4-H teen leaders in engaging community youth in 4-H STEM as it supports the library Summer Reading Program. Additionally, youth attending 4-H Camp Bristol Hills in Canandaigua will participate in the piloting and adaptation of activities.
2. This is an expansion of the existing relationship between CCE Ontario 4-H and the Pioneer Library System which includes Ontario, Wayne, Wyoming and Livingston Counties. The Pioneer Library System has enthusiastically invited this intern program. The library system offered build activity kits and to underwrite the intern’s travel expenses.
3. The intern will document best practices for CCE 4-H/Library engagement. The findings will increase the body of knowledge on Cornell/CCE/community engagement and be shared with the statewide 4-H STEM educator network through the 4-H STEM Program Work Team. It will facilitate the expansion of the 4-H STEM/Library partnership in other counties and systems and support efforts to fund a statewide initiative. 

Roles and Responsibilities

1. The intern will work with CCE Ontario staff to adapt existing curriculum activities to support the 2017 New York State Library Summer Reading Program “Build a Better World.”
2. Under the guidance of CCE and Library staff, intern will deliver 4-H STEM activities to youth and family audiences as several libraries in the Pioneer Library System.
3. Intern will work with CCE Ontario 4-H staff and Camp Bristol Hills camp counselors to mentor teen leaders to assist with library Program delivery.
4. Intern will assess and document program effectiveness using surveys, interviews and observational evaluation.
5. Findings will be prepared for distribution 4-H Districts and New York Public Library Systems through a 4-H STEM PWT webinar, conference presentations and a fact sheet.

Qualifications and Previous Coursework

Intern should possess a general knowledge of STEM topics. An interest in working with youth in broad age ranges is essential. The ability to work as an integral part of an education team is important. Orientation, training and instruction will be provided by campus sponsor (4-H STEM PWT Co-Chair), association educators and library staff.

Benefits and Skills

By the conclusion of the internship, the intern will be aware of the mission of CCE in local communities and strategies for engagement and outreach.

The intern will have experienced 4-H Youth Development as an integral component of the Extension mission. The intern will have actively participated in bringing Land Grant University resources to stakeholder conversations addressing community issues. The intern will develop mentoring and program delivery skills. The intern will be a co-author on materials used in future trainings and workshops.