Cornell Cooperative Extension Dutchess County

Food, Nutrition and Wellness


Working Title:                                    Parent and Family Education Program Coordinator (Grant Funded)

Classification Title:                             Senior Resource Educator (exempt)

Supervisor’s Classification Title:         Issue Leader


Primary Role and Accountability:

To work with Family & Consumer Sciences Program Leader, Program Committee, Program Advisory and others to establish and maintain parent and family education programs in Dutchess County. This will include development and implementation of a Parent and Family Education Plan of Work as well as the coordination of resources relative to the performance of program- and subject matter-related responsibilities. Primary focus of this position is the provision of in-depth disciplinary input for program development, evaluation, marketing, and leadership (60%). Delivery of subject-matter educational programs to the appropriate professional, community, individual and family target audiences is also required (40%). This position will also assist the Family & Consumers Sciences Issue Area in program development for complex, specific initiatives related to parent education, as well as those activities that partner with other FCS subject matter areas and other CCEDC issue areas.

This position requires an advanced knowledge base and ability to effectively collaborate in order to accomplish the desired level of performance. This position is directly accountable to Family & Consumer Sciences Issue Leader and project stakeholders, with additional leadership from the CCEDC Executive Director and CCEDC Board of Directors.

This position will ensure that target populations will receive education and intervention through performance of the following accountabilities: 

Ÿ  Planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating parent education programs, including the Relatives As Parents Program (RAPP) for parents, their children (if/when appropriate), professionals/workers that serve these families and children, and community stakeholders, as needed

Ÿ  Address consumer calls in subject matter area, providing research-based and audience-appropriate information, referrals and other support as needed or as required by stakeholders of specific projects

Ÿ  Effective coordination of internal, external, grant and community-based resources to ensure program outcomes and sustainability

Ÿ  Conducting of outreach and collaboration-building with agencies and organizations as needed

Ÿ  Facilitation of Parent and Family Education Program Advisory Committee, as a subcommittee of the FCS Program Committee, including participatory representation from those agencies and individuals that represent an appropriate cross section of subject matter knowledge and/or experience

Ÿ  Facilitate other advisories, subcommittees, key informant discussions and focus groups as needed or required

Ÿ  Facilitate systems and environmental change in subject matter area as need and opportunity allow, while adhering to Cornell Cooperative Extension mission and local program guidelines

Ÿ  Document all activities, contacts, progression of education, participant outcomes and program outcomes

Ÿ  Identify, collect and assimilate required data for reporting, grant writing and project development

Ÿ  Prepare contracts, grants and proposals as needed with support and guidance from FCS Program Leader and other organizational representatives (finance, human resource, administration, etc.)

Ÿ  Respond to the needs and demands of project, stakeholders, partners and the CCEDC organization


In addition to Primary Role and Accountabilities, knowledgeable in- and ability to perform- all of the following, plus other duties as assigned is required.  Within all work activities, must comply with policies and procedures issued by Cornell Cooperative Extension Dutchess County as well as those regulations and policies prescribed by project or grant stakeholders.

Program Management and Coordination (40%)

·         Coordinate with Issue Leader in developing and maintaining needs assessment, program development, monitoring, outcomes identification/evaluation and project reporting process for subject matter area programming

·         Develop and assemble client-based educational programs and events based on assessed needs of the identified target audience, professional and university developed resources, Plan of Work and departmental input

·         Develop evaluation and accountability processes for all projects or provide input into those already in place

·         Accurately report outcomes and impacts of all program activities

·         Plan and implement program marketing and outreach through appropriate means to ensure sustainability of programs and achievement of program outcomes

·         Utilize a variety of media delivery methods including written, audio and video, and access a variety of media outlets including but not limited to print, billboard, radio, television and internet

·         Work closely with community organizations, agencies and schools to identify and establish programs which meet the diverse needs of Dutchess County relative caregiver families, and other parenting education targets identified in Plan of Work 

·         Maintain relationships with stakeholders including Cornell Cooperative Extension Orange County and the Dutchess County Office for the Aging, among others

·         Track and document all correspondence and communications with partners, stakeholders and target audiences

·         Provide leadership to staff-in-training, other program staff, interns and volunteers, when appropriate

·         All duties as assigned or required including directives from supervisor/director of project, local partners/subcontractor and federal/state-level stakeholders.


Subject Matter Resource and Program Delivery (40%)

·         In accordance with CCE mission, FCS mission/values, and the Parent and Family Education Program Plan of Work, develop subject matter educational resources as needed for professionals, program  recipients and the general public using research-based information, credible sources and approval of appropriate supervisory and/or faculty staff

·         Coordinate the Relatives as Parents Program (RAPP) education and support program.

·         Conduct/coordinate RAPP support groups, events, youth programs and other activities as needed

·         Plan, implement and evaluate both group and one-to-one educational sessions/presentations/workshops utilizing research-based information, materials and curricula.

·         Adapt education to small and large audiences via social marketing or other media based techniques as needed

·         Prepare/distribute articles, newsletters and other materials as needed to support program delivery and sustainability

·         Coordinate subject matter networking process for dissemination of research-based information, and to conduct surveys/assessments and program outreach/marketing, utilizing advisory rosters, program participation lists, and other existing resources 

·         Recruit and coordinate volunteers providing educational and support resources to program, utilizing the CCE Volunteer Improvement Program policies and FCS established procedures for volunteer recruitment, training, and management

Research and Program Evaluation (15%)

·         Conduct needs assessments, focus groups, surveys and other investigations as needed, to identify existing resources and gaps therein, relative to subject matter education and support in Dutchess County

·         Familiarize self with policies, procedures, environmental systems, and community structures, as well as gaps therein, relative to subject matter area; utilize information to facilitate systems change as needed, or to shape education and support for program delivery

·         Interact directly with, and seek resource expertise of Cornell faculty and other subject matter experts, to address identified gaps, needs and other complex issues.

·         Assess individual-, group- and community-educational needs utilizing a variety of appropriate assessment tools in order to develop educational programs. These may include pre-and post-tests, questionnaires, observational evaluations and interviews, among others.

·         Identify learning/behavior change and systems/environmental change using pre-approved or newly developed tools and methods.

·         Evaluate effectiveness of all work activities and of professional performance of position-related responsibilities using appropriate screening tools and documentation methods.


Professional Improvement (5%):

In cooperation with supervisor, jointly develop and pursue a professional development plan as a means to increase competencies relative to position accountabilities and to address changes in Association priorities.  Attend all CCEDC full staff meetings, FCS staff meetings, stakeholder meetings and other training sessions or conferences as indicated by supervisor, Performance Development discussions and stakeholders.


EEO/EPO Accountabilities:

All Association employees have accountability in this area including appreciating and embracing diversity in all interactions with clientele, staff, volunteers and the public. A primary role of this position is to ensure that target audiences, including limited resource audiences, receive access to education, information and subject matter-related services to every extent possible. Limited resource targets include particularly low income, limited education, minority, urban, rural, teen parents, and those youth/families with a high level of associated risks. These audiences are targeted directly through outreach, recruitment, marketing and special workshops. In all educational situations, services are provided with respect for and are tailored to ethnically-, culturally- and religiously- diverse groups.


Contacts (Level of Interaction and Outcomes):

All aspects of this position require interpersonal communication and contact including those with clients, organizational administrators, professionals, agency staff, colleagues in related programs in the Cooperative Extension system, campus-level faculty/contacts, fellow FCS staff and FCS Issue Leader.  All primary accountabilities involve direct and indirect inter-organizational and intra-organizational staff and client interactions, one-on-one and in groups.


Reporting Relationships and Type of Supervision Received/Given:

·         This position is under direct supervision and general direction of the Family & Consumer Sciences Issue Leader.  Feedback to supervisor regarding efforts and outcomes is required.

·         Employee will be expected to participate in annual Performance Development process, field observations and compliance reviews. These will also include periodic self-effectiveness evaluations as well as eliciting of client feedback through verbal or written activities to determine the employee’s effectiveness at program delivery.

·         This position may also be expected to provide general support relative to position responsibilities to other program staff, interns and volunteers when appropriate.


Degree and Experience Pre-requisites

Required:       Masters Degree in Related Field plus

                   Minimum of two years directly related experience plus

Necessary:     Experience in community education including Parenting, Human Services, Social Work, Human Development, Family & Consumer Sciences, Human Ecology, Psychology or other related area

                   Experience with program coordination and management

Experience speaking with small and large groups

Experience with evaluation, including but not limited to outcomes identification

Working knowledge of local community and organizations/groups, which may operate within that community

Desired:        Experience working with Health and Human Services agencies and other community organizations, including faith-based, impacting or serving the target audiences identified within the responsibilities of this position


Position-based Competencies:

The Cornell University Staff Skills for Success represent required minimum performance competencies for this position. See the attached copy for clarifications regarding these competencies. The following outlines specific areas of importance.


·         Demonstrated abilities in working collaboratively on projects, respecting the roles of key partners while managing own responsibilities with project

·         Demonstrates a high level of responsiveness to feedback and direction from supervisor and outside partners/collaborators

·         Interest in and ability to identify target populations and actively recruit for project involvement

·         Ability to work with ethnically, culturally, religiously, financially and educationally diverse audiences, as well as individuals and groups of various ages


·         Ability to resolve conflicts

·         Ability to manage long-term goals within a context of day-to-day deadlines

·         Ability to organize work and set priorities, handling multiple tasks and working under pressure

·         Ability to work on multiple projects on an ongoing basis demonstrating observable progress at various stages with each

Self Development:

·         Ability to identify and accomplishing own daily, weekly and monthly work duties with limited input from supervisor

·         Demonstrated skills for identifying long term goals for projects and performing duties to accomplish these goals

·         Ability to define direction for professional growth and skill development within the responsibilities of the position


·         Ability to communicate effectively in-person using professional presentation and education skills for groups and individuals

·         Experience with professional written communications including print media, telephone and computer (email, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, internet, etc.)


·         Demonstrated ability to work both as part of a team and independently

·         Ability to work closely with supervisor in determining project activities and direction

·         Commitment to cooperating with supervisor relative to determining monthly/quarterly and long-term priorities and activities

·         Commitment to team environment, including respect for program participants as well as colleagues with-in and with-out CCEDC


·         Commitment to serving youth, families and communities of Dutchess County and the Mid-Hudson Valley Region

·         Commitment to success of CCEDC and it’s programs, to colleagues and programs within Family & Consumer Sciences, and to external partners/collaborators


·         Demonstrates complete professional accountability including discretion, commitment to organizational goals, integrity and confidentiality

·         Demonstrates sound fiscal accountability in responsibly utilizing program resources (staff, supplies, equipment, space and financial) including the consistent tracking and reporting of such resources/expenses

·         Is accountable with time, responsibilities, supervisor communications and adhering to organizational policies and procedures


·         Participates actively and independently in problem-solving while developing projects and carrying out project-related activities demonstrating forethought, planning and directionality

·         Demonstrates active commitment to carrying out all responsibilities of the position as well as newly emerging opportunities


Special Requirements:

·         Must learn, know and abide by Cornell Cooperative Extension Dutchess County personnel policies

·         Must be willing and able to travel

·         Must be willing to work a flexible schedule including evenings and weekends, as essential job functions require

·         Working knowledge of local community, and organizations/groups which may operate within that community

·         Must transport teaching materials and self to multiple locations

·         Criminal background and Department of Motor Vehicle checks required for this position (may work with youth, senior and other applicable populations)



APPLICATIONS will be reviewed beginning on 3/12/2010, or until an acceptable pool of applicants has been identified.


Send letter of intent, resume, and transcripts to PA#508, Box 26, Kennedy Hall, Cornell U, Ithaca, NY 14853.


**Individuals who bring a diverse perspective and are supportive of diversity are strongly encouraged to apply.  EOE.








CCEDC provides equal program and employment opportunities. The programs provided by this agency are partially funded by monies received from the County of Dutchess. Please contact the Cornell Cooperative Extension Dutchess County office if you have any special needs.