The Wild Harvest Table Program: Reaching New Audiences

Worksite Location
Seneca County CCE and Ithaca
Faculty Sponsor
Dr. Keith Tidball, Department of Natural Resources
Other Campus-Based Mentors/Supervisors
Dr. Richard Stedman, Director Human Dimensions Research Unit, Department of Natural Resources
Field Mentors/Supervisors
Moira Tidball, Seneca County CCE Nutrition Educator
Wages Up To
Project Summary and Intended Outcomes

This 2015 summer project is aimed at better understanding the demographic of younger 'hipsters/locavores' and linkages to hunting and fishing, sustainable food systems, and conservation. The intern will assist in adapting Wild Harvest Table CCE programming for new audiences, such as 4-H Shooting Sports clubs, and will help deliver a workshop to youth this summer. We intend to generate a peer reviewed paper, conduct workshops around wild game and fish preparation, and to enhance Wild Harvest Table extension programming from this work.

Roles and Responsibilities

The intern will work closely with his/her mentors to develop an oral survey tool to be used to reach a target audience of younger 'locavores' and gage their interest in hunting and/or fishing for food. He/She will survey young people who eat locally, reaching them at farmers markets, food co-ops, and other local 'foodie' places. Rigorous survey design will be involved and the work will be compared to results from the Human Dimension Research Unit survey conducted last summer. The intern will assist in offering a Pan-fish to Plate workshop at the Finger Lakes Conservation Club's Kids Fishing Day Event in Seneca County ( He/she will help develop and deliver similar Wild Harvest Table CCE workshops for new audiences, such as 4-H Shooting Sports and 'hipster/young locavores'. The intern will work closely with Moira Tidball on local food and nutrition programming offered at Seneca County CCE. The intern will also conduct a popular literature review regarding new generation 'hipster/locavore' hunters and anglers. This research will be developed into a published article, along with the survey work. The intern will consider how findings from the literature and surveys may help augment extension workshops and programming focused on procuring and preparing wild game and/or fish for a new audience. The student intern will also help update and maintain the Wild Harvest Table website and affiliated publications.

Qualifications and Previous Coursework
Benefits and Skills