Barriers to Expansion of Long Island Broccoli Production

Worksite Location
CCE Suffolk
Faculty Sponsor
Thomas Bjorkman
Field Mentors/Supervisors
Sandy Menasha
Stipend Amount
Project Summary and Intended Outcomes

Long Island vegetable growers have the potential of supplying substantial amounts of broccoli to New York's eastern suburbs and boroughs. This vegetable is consumed in large quantities, now mostly imported from California. It has high economic value for growers. One significant barrier to that result, the lack of adapted varieties is being overcome. New varieties make a three-month harvest season a reasonable expectation. The next critical step is to identify precisely the other production and market limitations that must be overcome for production to expand to 200 to 300 acres (~$1 million per month of harvest).

Roles and Responsibilities

- Work with grower contacts with whom CCE Educator Sandy Menasha already has relationships.
- Use a survey instrument that we develop and get approved by IRB to interview growers.
- Work with Menasha and Bjorkman to evaluate the responses and organize t

Qualifications and Previous Coursework

Must be a full-time CALS freshman, sophomore or junior. Graduating seniors are not eligible. Must meet NYS Department of Motor Vehicle requirement, if applicable.

Vegetable production and some farm business or enterprise business is highly desirable so that the concepts and terminology are well understood.

Benefits and Skills

- Conducting human subjects survey research under current Federal standards
- How successful horticultural producers make the business decision about which crops they will grow.
- Common horticultural practices on commercial vegetable farms
- Outreach me