4-H National Youth Science Day Experiment Curriculum Development

Worksite Location
CCE Ontario, 4-H Camp Bristol Hills
Faculty Sponsor
Susan B. Hoskins, Senior Extension Associate
Other Campus-Based Mentors/Supervisors
Department of Space Sciences
Field Mentors/Supervisors
James Hooper, Timothy Davis, Charles Malone
Project Summary and Intended Outcomes

- The 4-H National Youth Science Day (NYSD) Experiment introduces 4-H youth to inquiry science, and introduces new youth to 4-H STEM. A key to engagement and success within New York Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) is promotion and support of county i

Roles and Responsibilities

- The CCE/CALS intern will work with the activity development team to design, test and pilot three activities for use with youth in 4-H camp settings. The intern will visit several 4-H camps to observe informal STEM education methodologies in a variety o

Qualifications and Previous Coursework

- Must be a full time CALS freshman, sophomore or junior. Graduating seniors are not eligible. Must meet NYS Department of Motor Vehicle requirement, if applicable.
- A familiarity with geospatial science is desirable but not required.
- Intern will par

Benefits and Skills

- By working with geospatial educators, the intern will receive training in GPS, GIS and remote sensing science, technology and application. This includes working with remotely sensed images and the analysis of landscape change over time.
- The intern wi