Management of soil insects with persistent biocontrol nematodes in organic vegetable production

Worksite Location
Hudson Valley and ENY
Project Dates
Faculty Sponsor
Elson Shields
Field Mentors/Supervisors
Teresa Rusinek, Chuck Bornt
Wages Up To
Project Summary and Intended Outcomes

There is an ongoing research project investigating the management of soil insects attacking vegetables under organic production practices using native persistent NY entomopathogenic nematodes.  Year 1 & 2 data was used to secure additional funding for the project from the USDA SBG program.  The intern would assist both regional CCE specialists and the Shields’ lab personnel in the data collection and the Extension outreach related to the project.

Roles and Responsibilities

1) Application of the biological organism to new fields for the control of soil insects 2)  Participate in collecting research data in various field plots in the Hudson Valley. 3)  Summarize the collected data and prepare appropriate extension publication/handouts 4)  Document the appropriate information on social media 5)  Participate in twilight grower meetings 6)  Interact with farmers hosting the research on their farms. 

Qualifications and Previous Coursework

Interest in interacting with the individual farmers hosting the research plots and the general public Course work in Plant Science courses is highly desirable. A course in Entomology would be helpful. 

Benefits and Skills

1) The nature of interactions between Extension Professionals, the farming community and the general public.  2) The importance of careful scientific observations and quality scientific information.  3) The relationship between scientific data and effective Extension outreach activities.