Emerging Geospatial Technology Skill-Building in 4-H Summer Programs in Steuben County – Developing a Model

Worksite Location
CCE Steuben and Steuben County sites
Project Dates
June 3, 2019 - August 9, 2019
Faculty Sponsor
Susan B. Hoskins
Field Mentors/Supervisors
Jenny Groen, 4-H Youth Program Leader, CCE Steuben
Wages Up To
Project Summary and Intended Outcomes

Campus and county educators and researchers will connect through a 4-H youth summer program in Steuben County and emerging research in agricultural remote sensing in SIPS.  The 4-H Geospatial Science Program is developing youth activity modules based on the research of Soil and Crops Science faculty Dr. Ying Sun and post-doc researcher Dr. Christine Chang.   The modules focus on hands-on explorations of plant productivity through solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence observations and the environmental factor of soil moisture.   Activities that link STEM fundamentals, table top observations and publicly available satellite data have been successfully piloted in on-campus event “Career Explorations.”  This internship would be pivotal in developing the 4-H Geospatial Program remote sensing and mapping components “Plants Glow” and “GLOBE Soil Moisture Protocols” for use in county-based programs.  Hands-on, emerging science activities will be a primary draw for expanding greatly needed summer offerings for youth in Steuben County.

Roles and Responsibilities

The intern will pilot new Geospatial Science education activities with summer recreation and 4-H clubs programs in Steuben County.   In the Association, the student will plan, prepare, schedule, and implement GIS workshops at 5 or more summer recreation sites and through two 4-H specific activities. In addition, they will plan, prepare, and schedule, and teach [with support] a train-the-trainer workshop for educators and volunteers. The intern may also support additional 4-H and agriculture activities, as needed.  Prior to work in the Association, the intern will receive training from campus extension and research associates at the Institute for Resource Information Sciences in remote sensing as well as global position system (GPS) technology and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) digital mapping applications for youth engagement.  The intern will be responsible to reporting on pilot activity impact and assisting in production of publishable activity instructional material.

Qualifications and Previous Coursework

Position requires demonstrated communication skills including oral presentations, organized writing ability and orientation to team work.  Due to the setting and goal of 4-H curriculum development enthusiasm for working with youth is critical.  Course work in STEM areas is helpful to promote the translation of research and development of geospatial science and technology and applications to educational activities.  

Benefits and Skills

The intern will develop a broad array of knowledge and skills in the area of geospatial science and technology, including the use of the Global Positioning System (GPS), Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing.  The intern will experience the delivery of educational programs in the service of Extension specifically, but not limited to, youth audiences through 4-H.  The intern will develop knowledge of business, educational and governmental components of the geospatial industry in New York and the role CCE Steuben staff in engaging campus and county audiences.