Developing UAS Imaging for Crop Management and Phenotyping

Worksite Location
CCE Genesee County
Faculty Sponsor
Larry Smart
Field Mentors/Supervisors
Ali Nafchi, NW Field Crops Team, CCE Genesee
Wages Up To
Project Summary and Intended Outcomes

This project will engage the intern in using unmanned aerial systems (drones) to capture images that can be analyzed to provide data for crop management decisions.  The intern will work with Drs. Nafchi and Smart to fly UAS missions over hemp, willow, and other crops and capture images with RGB and multispectral sensors.  The intern will learn image analysis methods to characterize the variation in crop responses to stress or environmental conditions, as well as quantify cultivar differences.  There is tremendous potential to use aerial imaging technology for rapid characterization of crop performance

Roles and Responsibilities

The intern will work with CCE and Horticulture to fly UAS missions and analyze image data.

Qualifications and Previous Coursework

Coursework in crop science, horticulture or plant physiology required.  Strong computer skills preferred.  

Benefits and Skills

The intern will gain experience in the rapidly growing field of digital agriculture, image data analysis, and crop physiology.