Managing Changing Parenting Education Needs for Jefferson County Families

Worksite Location
CCE Jefferson County
Project Dates
Flexible start date
Faculty Sponsor
Kimberly Kopko
Field Mentors/Supervisors
Amanda Root
Stipend Amount
Project Summary and Intended Outcomes

This project builds on previous internship work that identified family and parent education needs for resources and materials.  The student will translate the previously identified needs into updated lesson plans for use by CCE parent educators.  These lessons will provide a much needed update to CCE Jefferson's primary curricula - Magic and Middle Years, as well as fill an identified need for curricula for parents of teenagers.  By the end of the intership, CCE Jefferson will have updated and relevant curricula to utilize with parents of children from ages birth to 18-years that focus on families' identifed needs.

Roles and Responsibilities

The intern will be responsible for participating in discussion sessions with staff, reviewing the work of previous interns that identified area needs, drafting lessons plans and updating outdated curricula.

Qualifications and Previous Coursework

Self-motivation and self-direction.  Once provided with direction and feedback, the intern is expected to work independently and see a project through to completion.  Excellent writing, editing, and verbal skills are important.  Knowledge of child development, research and evidence-based information, and how to engage audiences is key.

Benefits and Skills

The student will learn how to faciliate group discussions (staff sessions), receive constructive feedback and put it into practice (staff feedback on developed materials), discern credible sources (ensure research and evidence based informaion is used), and translate research into practical, engaging practice (develop interactive lesson plans that convey relevant information).