Survey of the insects attacking Industrial Hemp across NYS

Worksite Location
TBD (NNY, CNY, WNY) Centrally located in Ithaca, Shields Laboratory
Project Dates
Faculty Sponsor
Elson Shields
Other Campus-Based Mentors/Supervisors
Elson Shields
Field Mentors/Supervisors
Mike Hunter, Mike Stanyard, Janice Degni
Stipend Amount
Project Summary and Intended Outcomes

The NYS governor and NYS Ag and Markets is making a big push for the cultivation of Industrial Hemp in NYS as a field crop.  Those of us in pest management are not playing catch up because the potential pest problems under NY conditions have not been identified.  The intended outcome is to have a compiled listing of potential insect pests from across the different NY growing regions by the end of the internship.

Roles and Responsibilities

Intern will visit a number of hemp fields across the state in different agricultural growing regions and sample/survey the insects present in the field.  Insects will be collected and returned to the Shields lab where they will be identified, quantified and recorded from each field visit.  Each field being surveyed will be visited every 10-14 days over the growing season.  A season end report will be written summarizing the summer survey findings.

Qualifications and Previous Coursework

Biology is required  Entomology is preferred

Benefits and Skills

Entomological survey and identification skills  Exposure to Entomological research  Frequent interactions with CCE professionals and farmers.  Introduction to the initial stages of research for a newly introduced crop.